About Us

About Suzy B Jewelry

Suzy B Jewelry is a private fine jewelry service in New York City. Suzy B is a completely unique experience. In our comfortable private showroom, you can select that special piece that you’ve been dreaming about, add to your collection, or choose a perfect gift for a loved one. All with an expert by your side to help and guide you.

We understand that jewelry is a very personal choice. Ours is a private service to those individuals who appreciate fine jewelry and don’t want to look like everyone else. At Suzy B, we use only the most dazzling diamonds, the most brilliant precious and semi-precious stones, and the most perfect pearls. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee quality customer service and unique pieces at the best price. 

About Suzy B and Terry B

Rarely do two people form a partnership that are so perfectly suited to work together as Suzy Boshwit and Terry Underberg. Their shared passion for beautiful gems was nurtured over many years in the diamond industry, and their absolute delight in making people happy with stunning jewelry has transformed what started as a service for their personal friends into a thriving private jewelry business with an international clientele.

From the minute you walk in the door you know you are in a special environment. Suzy and Terry sit with you and make it their number one priority to discover what you will love. Your privacy is taken very seriously and is given the utmost respect at all times.

Our staff will work hard to get you the perfect piece for a special event, the ideal gift for a loved one, or just something dazzling to add to your own collection. 

Experience the warmth and fun that characterizes shopping for jewelry at Suzy B.